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How do we get rid of Mosquitoes?

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How do we get rid of Mosquitoes?

With the onset of summer, the period of circulation of mosquitoes usually begins, so all of us should take precautions against mosquitoes as, in addition to being annoying, if they are also infected (and depending on their species), they can transmit various diseases with their bite (malaria, West Nile virus infection, Dengue fever, Zika, Chikungunya, etc.)

How can we repel or even limit mosquitoes?

Because mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water (even in small pools of water), it is important to limit as much as possible the places where mosquitoes lay their eggs:

  • We do not leave stagnant water anywhere, inside and outside our house, on balconies, in the yard, in our field.On all objects that may collect water, for example: barrels, buckets, buckets, basins, vases, saucers for pots, animal watering cans, decorative ponds, wells, tanks:
  • turn them over, or at least once a week we empty or renew their water and clean them thoroughly, or we cover them
  • We remove stagnant water from abandoned pools and fountains, reservoirs, basements, building foundations.
  • We clean gutters, wells and gutters of leaves and rubbish.
  • We cover the ventilation ducts of the cisterns with a screen.

How can we protect ourselves from mosquito bites?

For the best protection against mosquito bites:

  • We wear appropriate clothes with long sleeves and trousers. Light-colored and loose-fitting clothes are more suitable.
  • We use body repellants on exposed skin and over clothing.
  • Insect repellents should contain one of the following active substances with proven effectiveness (approved in the country*), 

DEET (N,N – diethyltoluamide)

- Icaridin

‐ IR 3535

- Citriodiol or Eucalyptus citriodora oil,

We often take cleansing baths to remove sweat.

  • We install and use mosquito nets (screens) on windows, doors, balcony doors, or other openings of the house. We regularly check and repair the screens
  • We use a mosquito net. For infants and small children: we put mosquito nets in their cribs and strollers. We make sure that no mosquitoes are trapped in the mosquito net.
  • We use insecticides/insect repellents, such as e.g. tablets or liquids (in the outlet), "snakes", aerosols, etc. We always strictly follow the instructions for use of the products.
  • We use fans or air conditioners: the air reduces the activity of mosquitoes and makes it difficult for them to approach.
  • We water -preferably- in the morning hours, to reduce our exposure to mosquitoes during watering
  • We regularly mow the grass, bushes and foliage (places where adult mosquitoes find shelter).

What do we pay attention to when using body insect repellent?

When using the insect repellent product:

  • We always strictly follow the instructions for use
  • Apply the required (not excessive) amount.

Do not put under clothes

If necessary, reapply after a few hours, according to the instructions for use.
It should not come into contact with the mouth, eyes and inside of the nose. • Do not put on wounds, injuries, burns, blisters or irritated skin.

We put on the sunscreen first.
  •   We use it mainly outside the house. When we return home we wash with soap and water.
  •   If irritation is observed, stop use and inform your doctor.
  •   Pregnant and nursing mothers: consult their doctor about the use of insect repellents
For children (in addition to the above):
  •   We use products that are allowed for the child's age (according to their label) and consult the pediatrician.
  •   We don't let kids use insect repellent on their own - we put it on our own hands first and then we spread it on them.
  •   We don't put insect repellent on their hands (palms).


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